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Why archive a website?

Websites represent great value from a number of perspectives. Even so, internet is still an extremely volatile medium. Capsis wants to change this by offering concrete solutions with which websites can be archived in a permanent, straightforward and affordable way.
  • a website can form an important memory bank for a learning organisation,
  • websites as cultural expression provide an essential record of the zeitgeist,
  • even after a migration, you will never again lose your old information, your old website remains available without extra costs for the maintenance of the old server,
  • a web archive can form an important memory bank for a organisation and enables the published data to be examined and analysed,
  • websites have to be archived in accordance with the Public Records Act,
  • in accordance of the Government Information Act a governmental body must also offer an insight into what it has published on the internet,
  • websites play an important role in the responsibility process and provide evidence of what has been published and when,
  • one can learn from viewing and studying old websites,
  • a portfolio of developed websites offers prospects an accurate picture of previously developed material.
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