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  • Permanent reliability
  • Easy to use
  • Web-based
  • Independent web archive
  • Various methods of archiving
  • Support

Permanent reliability

Presurf creates permanent and reliable web archives. A digital signature helps the safeguard the integrity of the archives.

Simple to use

Presurf is a very user-friendly application, developed for fast results. Presurf has been developed with the end user in mind.


Presurf is a web application. Presurf can be installed on your site or you may use the hosted solutions of Capsis. You don’t need to installation any applications on your workstation.

Openness and an independent web archive

The archived websites are built up one by one according to the existing website. The archive created is independent of Presurf. This guarantees sufficient openness and prevents what is called "vendor lock in".

Methods of archiving

Presurf can archive in different ways. Planned, using RSS feeds, Event-Driven or continuously. Depending on your needs, Capsis can give you a thourough advice.


After purchasing a license, you are entitled to updates and comprehensive support.

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